English for Seniors

Example timetable

Five lessons, daily or weekly

- pre-class preparation exercise: video, listening or reading 
- live 50 minute Zoom lesson: plenty of discussion
- post-class consolidation work: note-writing, video-making (optional)

Lesson 1

My Life

Practise question forms
Talk about your interests

Lesson 2


Expressing opinions
Agreeing and disagreeing

Lesson 3

Travel and Culture

Descriptions of places
Where have you been? Where would you like to go?

Lesson 4

Food and Drink

Restaurant vocabulary
Taking about what food and drink we enjoy

Lesson 5

Very British!

Talking about British traditions and the differences to your own culture

KSELive! English for Seniors

Price for five sessions: £150

This includes:

All preparation and consolidation materials
5 x 50 minutes live lessons with qualified native speaker teacher
End-of-course certificate