Our core values

Our aim is to be an inclusive, community-based school providing opportunities for learners to improve their English and gain confidence through a joined-up programme of learning, social activities and accommodation. We aim to provide an environment which is supportive to all learners, employees and homestay hosts.


To be an important local employer, a supporter of local events and suppliers and an established feature of Broadstairs life. We encourage all our learners to find out about our town, local area and culture. 


To be responsible citizens and reduce our carbon footprint by, for example, encouraging coach rather than air travel and cutting down on the use of plastics and paper. 


Our courses are open to all. 

Tolerance and respect 

We encourage learners to mix with speakers of other languages and nationalities in class and on activities. This builds awareness of other cultures and fosters respect and understanding. 


Our attention to the detail of every aspect of a learner’s experience ensures high standards of care and teaching.


To be transparent and fair in our relations with all stakeholders.