KSE Terms and Conditions

In order to register for a course at KSE, it is necessary to provide full information, as specified on either the Group Registration Form or the Independent Adult Student Registration Form. If you are coming to KSE as part of a group, your group organiser will collect the necessary information from you (or a parent if you are a junior student).

Prices and payment
Independent Adult Students: Prices are shown on our website, kentschoolofenglish.com

Students coming to KSE as part of a group: your group organiser will inform you of prices and will send you an invoice and  tell you what the payment conditions are for your course.

Payment of Fees by Independent Adult Students:
Once KSE has confirmed a booking, you will be asked to pay, by bank transfer, a deposit of £100 to guarantee a place at the school and then to pay the balance of your course fees at least two weeks before the course start date
Payment should be made in pounds sterling, by bank transfer When transferring money from your bank, please note that you are responsible for bank charges of both the sending and receiving bank.

Cancellation conditions for independent adult students
Please notify KSE as soon as possible of any change to a booking. It may be possible to postpone a course (depending on course availability). For cancellations made between twenty one days and seven days prior to the course start date, deposits will be retained. 50% of fees may be retained for cancellations made thereafter.

Cancellation conditions for students travelling as part of a group
You or, if you are a junior student, your parents will be informed of the cancellation conditions for members of your group.

Force majeure
KSE is not liable for failure to perform its obligations if such failure is as a result of: Act of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster); war; invasion; act of foreign enemies; hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared); civil war; rebellion; revolution; insurrection; military or usurped power or confiscation; terrorist activities; nationalisation; government sanction; blockade; embargo; labour dispute; strike or lockout; interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service. No party is entitled to terminate this agreement in such circumstances. No refunds will be made in the event that Force Majeure applies.

Health, personal property and travel insurance
All students, whether travelling independently or with a group, must ensure that they have full health, property, personal liability and travel insurance before their KSE course begins. KSE cannot be held responsible for any personal loss or injury.

For students, travelling either with a group or independently, requiring a visa to study at KSE:
Once we have received your booking (from you or your group organiser) and your deposit, we will hold a place on the course you have selected and send all relevant visa documentation including a Visa Support Letter.  You are liable to pay the cost of courier delivery for a visa support letter, if you require it.
Please let us know directly or via your group organiser as soon as your visa is granted or refused.
If a visa is refused, please send us a copy of the refusal letter. On receipt of that letter, we will arrange a refund, minus any bank charges incurred, of all fees paid to us.

Academic and teaching
All courses include a placement test on the first day. Students who successfully complete the course and attend at least 90% of lessons receive a KSE Certificate. 

Courses for young people
If there is a full-day trip during the school week, arranged in consultation and with the agreement of your group leader, and a morning class is missed, a catch-up class will be offered on one afternoon.
On the Student 21 course, classes may occasionally be on afternoons other than Tuesday and Thursday.
The timetable may vary slightly in order to fit in an excursion. That could mean, for example, that the Wednesday morning lesson finishes 15 minutes early so that students can join a half-day trip. 
KSE makes every effort to provide a nationality mix in classes and on activities. There may, however, be times when this is not possible.
KSE reserves the right to merge, split, cancel or otherwise alter the composition of a class. If a student’s English level is not suitable for the course they have booked, KSE reserves the right to move them to a different level.
KSE reserves the right to change a student’s class level. This will be done after consultation with the student’s group leaders and KSE academic staff. The decision of the academic staff is final.

KSE buildings
KSE’s main buildings in Broadstairs are situated in Granville Road. The school offices are in these buildings as are many of our classrooms. Students may have class here or in one of the other buildings we use in Broadstairs: KSE café and classrooms at 66 High Street;  KSE, 17 Queen’s Road, Broadstairs. We may on occasion use other off-site rooms for teaching in Broadstairs. 

Public holidays
KSE is open on all public holidays except for those which fall during the Christmas period. Classes and activities are run as normal and all offices are open and fully staffed.

If your work, attendance or conduct is unsatisfactory, you may be subject to KSE’s disciplinary procedures. These procedures may lead ultimately to expulsion. In the event of expulsion fees will not be refunded. Travel and other costs incurred as a result of expulsion must be met by the student or by the student’s parent or guardian.

Attendance at school is compulsory for all students and is a condition of a UK visa. Non-attendance of visa nationals is reported to the relevant UK government bodies.
A student can be sent home from KSE for any of the following:
Using alcohol (if under 18), illegal drugs or ‘legal highs’ (at any age)
Bullying another student
Violent behaviour
Stealing from a shop, homestay host, the school or another person
Any other activity that is illegal in the United Kingdom or one that interferes significantly in the smooth running of KSE courses.

In the case of a junior student at KSE as part of a group, any action will be taken after consultation with the student's group leader who will be required to liaise with the student's parent or guardian to make arrangements for the child to be taken home.

It is vital that students or group organisers inform us at the time of booking of any special requests, dietary needs, allergies, health conditions or any other considerations they believe to be important in the selection of their accommodation. If a change of accommodation is requested when a student is at KSE because a student has a dietary need, allergy, health condition or other special requirement which we have not been informed of prior to arrival, they may be charged a cancellation fee for the accommodation they are requesting to leave.
KSE reserves the right to cancel accommodation booked if there are concerns about a student’s behaviour. No refunds are made in these circumstances.
KSE is not responsible for any damage or loss of property while a student is staying in accommodation arranged by KSE.
Where homestay accommodation has been booked, KSE will provide the student or group organiser with details prior to arrival at KSE.

KSE, its directors, employees, representatives, agents, homestay hosts and sub-contractors will not be liable for any sickness, injury or death of a student, any damage caused to a third party by a student or repatriation costs.

Parental consent
It is understood that by making a booking for your child or ward through a third party e.g. Educational Travel Operator or your child's school you implicitly accept these Terms and Conditions and permission is given for your child/ward: to live and travel independently while studying at Kent School of English (although it should be noted that accompanied transfers on arrival at or departure from KSE are compulsory for all children under 16) to participate in on- and off-site activities and excursions arranged by KSE: a course will typically include activities such as sports and dancing and excursions to large cities such as London to be administered first aid and to be given appropriate non-prescription medication in an emergency, to be administered medication and treatment as instructed by medical authorities present including emergency dental, medical or surgical treatment , anaesthetic and blood transfusion.

Parents or guardian of junior students travelling to KSE as part of a group, will also be required to complete and submit direct to KSE a Parental Permission Form

For group organisers
These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with the group proposal sent to you by KSE, in which some Terms and Conditions may be varied. 

Group leaders
Group Leaders accompanying a group including a student or students under the age of 18 to KSE, agree to act ‘in loco parentis’ at all times and will adequately supervise all members of their group. Where applicable, this responsibility is delegated to KSE staff e.g. for activities and classes.

All students/ Group Leaders and other customers of KSE are fully responsible for any damage they may cause at school, in their accommodation or elsewhere and should expect to pay for any replacement or repair necessitated by the damage they have caused.

Publicity materials
We occasionally take still photos or video footage for use on our website or in other publicity materials. If a student wishes NOT to appear in any such materials they should let us know in writing prior to or during their course (a parent or guardian of a junior student may do that on the Parental Permission Form). KSE may use your written feedback in promotional materials. If a student does not wish to be quoted, they (or their parent or guardian) should inform us.

Data protection
Any information provided to KSE may be held on computer and used by KSE in accordance with Data Protection legislation. Jurisdiction Any dispute which arises concerning contractual arrangements with KSE will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
Kent School of English Limited is registered in England and Wales under company number 5001361