KSE British Experience

This course is ideal for student groups with an interest in British culture and offers a
good foundation for further learning or
as preparation for a trip to Britain. Adapted for all age groups:

primary (7+), lower secondary (11+), upper secondary (14+)

KSE British Experience

Each module below will equip you with new knowledge about our country and will enrich your English vocabulary. You'll explore the various aspects of British life and culture through a mix of videos and video tours, discussion, puzzles and games, led by a KSE teacher.

pick and mix the modules that interest you the most. 

1. Iconic London

Learn about the most visited attractions in England's vibrant capital. Be able to wow your friends with "Did you know...?" facts!

2. Welcome to Scotland

Six UNESCO sites, the Loch Ness monster, a capital city on a volcano, oh and it's national animal is a unicorn!

3. Discover Wales,  the castle capital of the world

With over 600 castles, three national parks, the smallest cathedral city in the world and four times more sheep than people, Wales is definitely worth talking about!

4. Sports and stadiums

Many of the world's major sports were created in Britain and we love talking about all of them! So, if you're a football fan, a wannabe tennis pro or you want to find out about cricket, this module is for you! Virtual visits to Wembley, Wimbledon and other famous sporting venues.

5. Great British book club

From Shakespeare to J.K.Rowling, let's talk about our favourite writers and ... we'll recommend our favourite works by British authors.

6. Who's coming to dinner?

Ed Sheeran, Emma Watson, Jadon Sancho, Dua Lipa... which British celebrity would you be willing to share pizza with?

7. British traditions and customs

Yes, we love fish and chips on Fridays but we have lots of other traditions we'd like to share with you too!

8. British inventors

Love science and engineering? A little bit of history? So do we! Britain is great at making stuff.

9. British films 

Are you a sucker for a romantic film like Love Actually or prefer a good car chase like in The Italian Job? Or could you watch all the Harry Potter films 100 times over? Let's discuss the best of British cinema.

10. Top destinations

We've put our heads together and created our top 10 must see British destinations. Number 1 is our home town, Broadstairs, of course!

Course content

Each module is 2 x 50 minutes

Age groups

7-11; 12-14; 15-17


Online, via Zoom, to students on their own devices or to class groups

Course duration

A group's course can consist of between one and 10 modules

Language level

It is recommended that students have a minimum level of B1 but modules can be adapted for lower level groups.

Dates and times

We offer this course during term-time and school holidays. Modules can be taken during the school day or after school.

Learn about Britain and improve your English!

This course is all about the rich history and lively cultural scene of our country. Through video clips, virtual tours, games and lively class discussions you'll get to learn more about Britain and improve your English.