Online Courses for Schools

Fun, engaging and motivating lessons to:

*Support English teachers

*Enrich your school's
  English language

*Help your English learners
  to communicate with

Special group rates

This school year will be like no other, so take advantage of our years of experience to boost your students' English language levels.
Courses for all levels and ages.

Example School Group Courses

We're flexible and you know what your students need. Talk to us to plan a course! 
All courses are developed in collaboration with you, the expert English teacher.

English Boost

opportunities for authentic English communication

Classroom course

-Special English week
-Lessons on certain days only 
-Up to 6 hours per day
-Whole year-group 
-Classes from different years

Complete flexibility: a school can book any number of hours, days or weeks​​​​

After School English Club

get ahead in English

Classroom or home course

-Extra support for

-Re-introduction and
 practice of key
 language points

Any weekday, any time

Exam Preparation Courses

help your students to take the next step

Help your students take the next step

-Trinity College GESE
-Cambridge PET/ FCE

Includes 1 to 1 mock oral exam

English for Work

using English in a professional setting

Practical preparation for the world of work

-CV writing
-Job searches

1 to 1 interview practice

Live Lessons

-Delivered using Zoom (or school's
 preferred video-conferencing software)
-All teachers have safeguarding training
-Pre-course pack
-Students' code of conduct

Course Materials

-Original KSE materials
-Available in Teams (or via email) 
-Marked assignments
-Pre-class exercises and post-class tasks
-Resource bank for extension activities

At KSE we have specialised in organising short, intensive English courses for school groups since 1972. We're now using our years of experience of course development, materials writing and teaching to create online KSELive! courses tailored to your group's needs.

- Clear focus on language analysis
- Native-speaker modelling of the sounds of English
- Relevant topics and real-world language

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